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Satyam Corporate Tower

World Class Design & Architecture

To maximize the performance of each component of a corporate office, its special functions are properly analysed.

One-step through the entrance into the lobby on the ground floor, a first impression is sealed to allow the welcoming space to reflect your company’s image at the first glance. A beautiful fountain welcomes you through the grand entrance.

Design approach for exclusive corporate offices identified that top decision-making organizations require personalized environment and technologies for optimum productivity.

Beyond the executive suite, the functional demand of personal workspaces is much higher. These areas need to be flexible to adapt to frequent upgrades and changes in technology to be more cost effective in the long run.

A simple design, keeping in view the utilization, structural strength, weather conditions & sun direction (to minimize heat radiations) ensuring reduced electricity and maintenance costs all year round.

Its spacious offices and service areas with easily accessible emergency exits ensure safety for all in the tower.

There are three independent offices on each floor and offices are positioned in such a way that each office gets beautiful outside view from the glass facade.

Finishing with high quality materials like granite, vitrified tiles, aluminum & glass windows for the internal and external finish, illustrates its style.

Offices and common spaces are with falls ceiling and concealed lights to give it a corporate look.

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